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During Admission

When you come to Boulcott for surgery you need to come at a specific time and bring certain things with you.

What to bring if you are staying overnight or longer

  • Nightclothes, dressing-gown and slippers.
  • Toiletries.
  • All medications you are taking.
  • Reading and writing material.
  • Children may bring a favourite toy or blanket. Please make sure to label these.
  • BYOD – free wifi is available.

It’s best to leave valuables or large amounts of money at home. If you need to bring such items, you can arrange for them to be left in safe custody. Please ask your nurse about this. Please do not bring cigarettes as Boulcott is smoke-free.

Admission times

You will receive a phone call from the hospital 2-3 days before to confirm your admission time. If you’re unable to arrive on time, please call us on 04 569 7555 as soon as possible.

On arrival, check in at reception. If you are staying at the hospital you will be shown to your room where you can unpack your things. The nursing staff will deal with your pre-operative details, ECG (if required), post-operative expectations, exercises, and history taking.

The nurse will ask you about any allergies you have such as unusual reactions to drugs or antibiotics and skin sensitivities (such as to sticking plaster).The anaesthetist will assess you at this stage also.

You will usually be admitted 1 hour before your operation.

Visiting hours

Visitors are welcomed from 9am to 9pm every day. Visiting outside these hours may be arranged with nursing staff.