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Care Of Children

Most children’s surgery requires a very short time in hospital and can often be managed without staying overnight.

When your child needs to stay in hospital we welcome a parent/adult support person remaining with the child. Parents can be accommodated on a fold up bed in the room with the child, or for a small fee, can share a double room and have meals provided. Please indicate on the admission form which of these options you would prefer. You may wish to check with your insurance company to ascertain whether you will be reimbursed for your bed fee.

You will be required to stay with your child until all the pre-operative checks have been done by the nurses, surgeon and anaesthetist, and all consents have been signed.

Plan with your child what they would like to bring in to hospital with them – a favourite toy/game can be comforting in unfamiliar surrounds. Prepare your child by discussing what will happen and giving them information as is appropriate to their age. If you would like to bring your child in to visit the hospital prior to admission this can be arranged.

In most instances we plan the admission time to be as close to the operation time as possible to minimise the stress of waiting.

Once in hospital, please do not hesitate to discuss your child’s needs with the nurses during your child’s stay.