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Boulcott Joint Replacement Centre

Boulcott Hospital has established itself as a pre-eminent centre for joint replacement in the region. Our specialists, facilities and methodologies are world-class.

There is a key advantage in selecting the Boulcott Joint Replacement Centre for all joint replacements: the end-to-end care our patients receive from one site; from consultation, radiology, surgery through to post-operative care.

Things to know about getting a new joint:

  • Make sure your GP refers you to one of the leading specialists from Boulcott Joint Replacement Centre.
  • Investigation work will be completed, and a date set for the operation.
  • The patient is usually admitted on the morning of the procedure. If there’s some medical issues to be taken into consideration, there will be a consultation with an anaesthetist at an earlier date.
  • The procedure is generally about two to two-and-half hours followed by a post-operative stay in our highly appointed rooms, with outstanding care from Boulcott’s staff.
  • Post-operative X-rays follow as well as physiotherapists visits where necessary.
  • Any crutches or other walking aids are provided as needed.
  • You will return home after four to five days